Pregnancy & Birth Doula Support

Doulas mean that anyone can have a wonderful, nurturing, trusting, positive support person at their birth!

Every birth is unique, so every doula package should be also. You can tailor make a doula package to meet your needs, whether you’re going through your first pregnancy or your fourth, your having a home birth or an elective caesar, or you just need a little help crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s for the impending arrival of your newborn.

 Fiore Mama Doula Services Focus: Your Birth, Your Way.

•Home Birth in the Hospital

•Hospital based VBAC

•Mother/Family Centred Caesarean;

•Home Births (*Not available for Free Births)

All packages include a no-cost Meet and Greet session contact to enable a us both to get to know each other, your needs, your fears and to create a good level of comfort and trust between doula, mother and partner/family. It’s here that we will start to put together a bespoke doula package.

From then on our packages can incorporate all or some or extra of the following:

  • On-call labor support. Can include guaranteed back-up doula services (just in case!)
  • Two or More prenatal visits to discuss your birth-day plans. Each visit is a 2 hour consult in your home or our clinic to discuss and prepare your birth preferences, labor positions, relaxation tips, and what to expect when labor begins so you can stay relaxed and confident during your birthing time.
  • How to make the most of your Birth Suites Tour, or your Birthing Nest.
  • Access to our Fiore Mamas To Be (FM2B) Facebook group, so you can connect with other soon-to-be parents just like you!
  • Access to our Resource Library , which includes evidence-based research on medical inductions, perinatal care, newborn procedures, breastfeeding, and other relevant topics so you won’t have to “Dr. Google” your questions.
  • You’ll receive email and telephone/text support  and dedicated 24/7 on-call labor support starting at 37 weeks.
  • We’ll provide you with information and resources to help you introduce your baby to breast so you may begin a successful breastfeeding journey, and we’ll be there for support. We can refer to a local Independent Breastfeeding Counsellor if required.
  • We’ll include a postnatal visit at your home to see how you’re going and debrief your birth. We can also help you to record your newborns Birthday. Call us if you’d like to meet postpartum – we can catch up over coffee or lunch whenever you feel up to leaving the house. We also invite you to connect with our clients and team via our FM2B Facebook group
  • Discounted prices on other Fiore Mama services, such as Lamaze Childbirth Education private or group classes, Placenta Encapsulation, Postnatal Doula Serves, NurtureLife® Remedial Pregnancy Massage Therapy and Referrals to Danielle Black – Fertility Doula for postnatal fertility advice.

As a doula’s experience in attending birth grows so do her skills. Because doula’s are so passionate about birth and learning all they can, they are constantly learning more and adding to their “kit bag” or skills. At Fiore Mama we have received instruction and training in the use of Rebozos, acupressure, massage, positioning, and other comfort measures, as well as intensive training in Childbirth Education and are constantly updating and refreshing our skills and always on the lookout for more things to add to our kit bag!

An example of a basic package:

The Basic Package gives the minimum level of contact to enable a doula to get to know you, your needs, your fears and to create a good level of comfort and trust between doula, mother and partner/family.

The package can include:

  • Initial Meet & Greet (ideally at the start of your second trimester) [Free of Charge]
  • Two visits before the birth and one after the birth
  • Birth Preference session
  • Support during labour and birth (without a backup Doula)
  • Resources and information for pregnancy, labour and birth
  • Relaxation and emotional support before during and after birth

Add an extra prenatal visit, take out a birth preferences planning session or add  a postnatal care plan session, add a Back-Up Doula or even a NurtureLife® Partner Labour Preparation Session, the choice is yours.

Ideally you should start planning for Doula help early in your pregnancy, but we can cater for those of you that decide last minute. Once again, please contact us to discuss your options.

Please contact us to discuss your needs and putting together a package that fits you.

Book your initial Meet and Greet Here! 

*Price on Application ~ Pricing reflects duration of service and can include travel and equipment costs.