Placenta Services

I am currently undergoing training with the Association of Placenta Preparation Arts (APPA), and envisage full placenta services by mid 2017.

Stay in touch for further information and  Placenta Encapsulation booking availability. 

The placenta can be a mum’s gateway to wellness postpartum as it is reported to curb “the baby blues” and prevent postpartum depression. Ingesting the placenta is also believed to increase a mother’s blood level of a hormone known as CRH (corticotropin-releasing hormone), a known stress-reducer. Studies have also shown that eating the placenta can also increase milk production, and slow postpartum bleeding.

Placenta Preparation is not a fad, it is an ancient art form serving more mothers than ever before. The Association of Placenta Preparation Arts seeks to promote and protect this work through establishing guidelines for safe preparation techniques and placenta encapsulation training.~ APPA website –

Training and Certification encompasses

  • Standards of Practice + Code of Ethics

  • Building a Safe Practice + workspace

  • Sanitation + OSHA/EPA Guidelines (Bloodborne Pathogens Certification)

  • Food-Handling Guidelines & Current local certification (Food Handlers/Supervisors Certificate)

  • Respecting The Placenta

  • Placenta History + Remedy Theory & Research

  • Biohazard Transport + Disposal

  • Bloodborne Pathogen Course (Bloodborne Pathogens Certification)

  • Traditional Methods of Preparation + Modern Methods

  • Placenta Anatomy Information

  • Prints + Tincture + Salve Preparation

  • Advanced Practice Studies available to current APPA Providers

Placenta Encapsulation will be added to my approved modalities for membership with the International institute of Complementary Therapists and will be covered by AON Insurance, once qualified.

*Information here has not been evaluated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration.
Services offered by Fiore Mama are not clinical, pharmaceutical or intended to diagnose/treat any condition.