Birth Preferences & Concierge Service

Going into the Child Birthing Year without a plan is like running an ultra marathon without any training or a Google map of your course. The key to getting the right birth and the right support  for the postnatal period for you is plan.  Our Birth Preferences Planning is your training and your Google map. Our Concierge service is the support person driving behind in the little car providing encouragement and hydration!

If this is your first baby, you may feel overwhelmed with how much information there is out there. Even if this is your second or third baby, each pregnancy and birth is so unique that there will always be unknowns. Knowing what step is coming next and how you want to handle it, is going to prepare you to know what to expect.

You have options with so many choices to make about everything when it comes to childbirth and the fourth trimester. Your choices start with how you will take care of yourself during your pregnancy, your care provider, and finding out what resources there are and who to trust for information. When your choices are backed by up-to-date evidence based information, you can take ownership of choosing how your birth goes.

Even if you’ve planned for a Home-Birth on the Hospital and you end up having a cesarean section, the planning you do during your pregnancy is still going to get you and your care provider prepared to handle things like what procedures are done with your baby as soon as they are born. By preparing for anything you are setting yourself up for the best possible scenario no matter what happens, interventions, pain relief, monitoring. Knowing your plan B, understanding what you can do to avoid anything you don not want to be a part of your birth, and prepared for several scenarios is going to give you a better likelihood of everything going right.

Our Concierge Service will help you connect with services in our region, including Osteopathy, Baby-wearing groups, Sleep School and much more. We will provide you with a bespoke list of like-minded professionals and contact them direct to introduce you. Our concierge service is perfect if you are new to the region, or it’s been a while between babies, or if the world of Childbirth is like a foreign country where you don’t speak the language!

Ideally you should start beginning to develop your Birth Preferences early in your pregnancy, and refine them closer to Estimated Due Month, but we can cater for those of you that decide last minute. Once again, please contact us to discuss your options.

We also provide Postnatal Care-Plans and Concierge Service for the Fourth Trimester. Your preferences for how you wish your forth trimester to flow.

Please contact us for further information. Most planning sessions consist of a two hour appointment, either in clinic, your home or at a suitable venue for us both. Partners are most welcome and are heartily encouraged to be a part of the process.

First, be sure to Book your initial Meet and Greet Here!  and then we’ll organise a time that best suits you.

*Price on Application ~ Pricing reflects duration of service and can include travel and equipment costs.