Hello! I’m Rachael. My aim is to hold space for women and their families through the entire birthing journey, be it with physical and emotional support, education and assistance, acting as a birth concierge or simply massaging out the knots and tightness of daily living so that they can achieve the birth they want.

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As a doula I want to support women and birthing families by empowering them through education, resources and evidence based choices for childbirth. I believe a doula should support and nurture a family in a way that is unique to them and provides an environment for a them to grow as a family. I believe in the child birthing year, that support should cover all four trimesters. I believe birth is natural and should be as individual as you are. I believe you should feel safe, respected, encouraged and powerful and that childbirth is not a sickness but a life event that should be celebrated.

As a single mum to a teenage boy, I know what it means to be surrounded and lifted by a supportive network. Having experience as a Peri-operative (Operating Theatre) Registered Nurse, I understand the environment of the hospital and medical world. As a Pregnancy Remedial Massage Therapist, I get the need for therapeutic touch and it’s benefits. As a student Childbirth Educator, I am on the path to providing you with up to date, unbiased, relevant and evidence based research and knowledge to help you develop the right birthing plan for you. I aim to provide accessible, affordable, quality, tailored birthing bodywork, support and education.


  • Bachelor of Nursing (10+ years experience) Peri-operative Scrub, Scout, Anaesthetic and Recovery nursing.
  • Diploma of Remedial Massage
  • Diploma of Pregnancy Massage NurtureLife® Pregnancy Practitioner
  • Specialist pregnancy bodywork workshops in Acupressure, Rebozo, and Advanced Massage techniques
    • Labour Preperation Massage, Post Natal Massage – Pregnancy Massage Australia;
    • Shiatsu for Birthworkers, Advanced Pregnancy Massage – Suzanne Yates/Well Mother;
    •  Debra Betts Accupressure For Pain Releif workshop;
    • Rebozo and Womb workshop with Clare Blake – Fertility Massage Therapy UK;
    • Making Space for Baby – pelvic workshop with Jenny Blyth and Fiona Hallinan;
    • Spinning Babies workshop with Ginny Phang.
  • Certified Infant Massage Instructor with IMIS
  • Current Adult First Aid & CPR certification
  • Current Paediatric First Aid and CPR certification
  • Commercial Cook (CertIV) Current Working With Food certificates
  • Reiki Level II/ Kineasy (Kinesiology AKA 90 hours Category B, 8 hours Cat A)
  • ili ili Stones Practitioner (level II)
  • Labour Doula, Post Natal Doula, Spiritual Midwifery – Dial A Doula
  • Bachelor of Health Sciences – Complementary Medicine – (Currently Deferred)
  • Lamaze Childbirth Education Trainee 
  • Student Childbirth Educator  – Childbirth International.
  • Student Placenta Encapsulator (APPA)
  • DONA International (Doula) Training (November 2017) https://www.dona.org/